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God end me, the holidays are almost over. After nearly two weeks of going to bed at a reasonable hour of 11pm and waking up at the most definitely UNreasonable hour of 1pm, my 24/7 Netflix time is nearly at its end. During this time I've spent little to no moments finishing up the homework I have due first day back for English class, very little on my Russian studies that I am now desperately trying to catch up on, and god forbid I pick up a book and read it (also for my English class). 

Instead, I've spent most of my time starting shows and giving up on them four or five episodes in on the premise that they start good, but it's a downward spiral from there. It seems there are little to no good horror movies left for me to watch, either, and so I've spent more time actually scouring the internet looking for things to watch rather than actually watching things.

Alas, here's a small list for anybody interested (nobody will be) that I recommend:

The Awakening (Spooky ghost stories are my fav, especially ones set in like the 1900's)
Cube (It's a series. The second one is a bit myeh but it gives insight in to the first one. Fourth dimension hypercube insanity.)
The Boy (The one about the doll. It's okay I guess. Babysitter gets hired to babysit creepy looking doll boy.)
Shutter (It's about spirit photography and gets pretty wild.)

Yeah there's probably more but fuck it I'm bored and gonna go do nothing for the next 3 days then cry because I "forgot" to do my homework, aka. it was constantly on my mind but as usual I said "fuck it".


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