Jul. 27th, 2016

End Me.

Jul. 27th, 2016 08:56 pm
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Having recently started my third term of school, I've leaped back in to my daily routines rather ineffectively. This morning, I awoke an hour later than I should have (7:10AM rather than 6:10AM) and had to rush to get myself ready for school. In this time I entirely forgot about many things and ended up forgetting to both drink and eat, which I am required to do when taking my meds. Needless to say, about half an hour upon arriving at school I began to get nauseous and spent half the day queasy and not willing to do any work.

The one good thing to come of today and the past few days is that I have at least got back in to a reasonable reading routine. Having not read a word of a book for three weeks, it's really quite nice to pick up my crime thriller Dr. Death and read about the ethical tightropes the characters walk upon the subject of assisted suicide.
   On the matter of reading, I also last night messaged my town council to sign me up to the online eBook selection which requires a valid library card number. So now, I have leased one three week book titled The Eye Collector, a crime thriller (as usual) and intend to read it alongside Scaredy Cat upon finishing Dr. Death.

Drawing has come naturally to me these past few days also, and I've mostly done simple, small sketches on my blue notepaper that sits beside my computer atop my desk. I've created a new OC, so far nameless, who vaguely resembles 2D from Gorillaz in aspects of their design, includig the blacked out eyes.

Writing has been painfully slow for me and I haven't opened my fanfiction (though it's not really a fanfiction, it just takes the basis of a movie and uses it) for this entire week so far, too stressed about upcoming exams in school. Mock exams are nearing, in week five, and I'm terrified of them. Even more so because I don't think I'm going to be able to pass the year, as I have very few credits logged from my assignments. This could however just be because my English teacher never freaking puts them on my account and as such they don't get sent to NZQA. I'm hoping that the end of year externals give me enough credits (I get about 15 per class, some of them only 10, with 5 classes. Worst case scenario, 30 credits.)

Anyhow, that'll be all for today as I am terribly bored and intend on listening to music and dying for the next hour until bed time. 


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