Jul. 23rd, 2016

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 Second to last day of the holidays. Things accomplished:
  • Level 152 on Maplestory, Bishop. 
  • Spend 22.34NZD on NX for said Maplestory character (Probably a bad idea but eh I'm 16 let me live)
Things I probably should have accomplished:
  • Homework finished. I have 2 things due first day back, and an exam paper.
  • Taking my meds. It's a bit late for that now.
  • Feeding my fish. Probably didn't do that because, y'know, forgot my meds and was a nauseous mess all day.
  • Written fanfic (sounds dumb but I swear it's not stupid 12 year old shit. I'm lit I promise.)
Most importantly, I probably should get on to my Russian studies. Been kinda slacking on that. Oops.

Regardless, the reason I accomplished so little and that which I did accomplish were completely trivial game-based achievements (or money spending oops) is that I, last night, had the worst sleep known to man. I went to bed at say 11pm like usual for a holiday night, but found myself tossing and turning unable to sleep for a good hour before I figured out what was wrong. My duvet inside had all piled up at the end, and the sheet between me and it had ridden up and bunched together. Of course, at this point, I'm hella tired and just want to die so I curl up in a ball and suffer in the cold for another good hour before rolling on to my back and dozing off at say 1.30AM.
   Hooo boy but that isn't the end of it all, oh no. My mum got up to go to the weekend market (she sells baking and jams and stuff there each Saturday) at around 5:40AM and woke me up. So I got what, 4:10 hours of sleep? Pretty shit sleep no less, no cool dreams about hot cannibals or any of that steamy shit. Just blackness. Even better, it turned out it was raining so she didn't even go to the fucking market and just went back to bed. But I was already wide fucking awake at this point, and just decided to sit on my phone for a couple of hours before drawling myself out from under my bunched up, mess of a fucking duvet.

So yeah, 23/07/16 ended up not such a good day. There's still time. There's still like 5 hours left. I might actually do my homework or something who knows.

Probably not tho don't get ur hopes up.


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