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Today marks my final day as a free person, and in about eight minutes my bed will call for me, I'll read, I'll sleep, and I'll go to school for the first time in two weeks upon waking.

Realising suddenly I had homework, today became a mad rush to finish the Static Image I had due for English tomorrow. I did so on my iPad, so it's terribly done and has no pressure sensitivity.

As you can see, it's a clear reference to Hannibal Rising, both book and movie form. It was for an assignment titled "Static Image" in which one must choose an important quote or theme from a text (including movies, poems etc.) and display this text and its background in symbolism. You can probably get the gist of the image just by looking at it, but yeah everything means something and most of it was just making fun of the assignment because for some reason in English everything has to be a representation of something deeper.


I also drew two Pokemon pictures, and while one is clearly better than the other (*cough cough* the Mimikyu *cough cough*) I still love both of my babies. 

But yeah anyhow off to bed...

- Gabriel Edgar Fox Mulder 

P.S. kill me i dont want to go to school aaaaaaaAAAAAAA
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